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All GP practices are contracted to provide “essential services”, that is, basic treatment of ill people.  We also provide the following “additional services”. 

Child Health Surveillance

The aim of the Child Health Surveillance Programme is to help all children achieve their full potential by offering a planned programme of assessment and screening activities in order to identify and treat at the earliest possible time those who have or may have specific issues/concerns.  A Child Health Surveillance Clinic is held on a Tuesday morning with Dr. Fiona Merriweather/Dr. Gouri Bhat & Health Visitor.  As the appropriate time for screening approaches, a postcard is sent to the parent/guardian of children under the age of 5.  This details the date, time and nature of the appointment.

Contraceptive Services

All doctors in the practice are available through routine surgery appointments to give contraception advice. Specialist services such as IUCD insertion, sexual, reproductive and emotional healthcare are available at the Sandyford Initiative Clinic in the Barrhead Health & Care Centre.

Emergency contraception is available through emergency doctor appointments during the week, at the Sandyford Initiative Clinic and community pharmacies. 

Maternity Services

In the antenatal and post natal period.

First, you need to be sure you’re pregnant – You can buy a home pregnancy kit from a chemist or supermarket. You can also get a free pregnancy test from your GP or sexual health clinic. These kits are 97% accurate, so there is usually no need to do more pregnant tests.

If you’re pregnant - As soon as you know your’re pregnant, call 0141 232 4005 to make your first midwife appointment. Booking early will help you get the best start for you and your baby.

The Antenatal Clinics in the practice are run by the community midwives from the Paisley Maternity Hospital. They are held at the practice every Monday. Post-natal examinations are carried out at the surgery by one of our GPs.

Immunisation of children

Children’s immunisation clinic is held on a Wednesday morning with one of our Practice Nurses and a Health Visitor.  As the appropriate time for immunisation approaches a postcard is sent to the parent/guardian with details of date/time/nature of appointment.     

Cervical Smears

Women on routine call will be prompted to attend for cervical screening once every three years from age 20 until they become ineligible for a clinical reason or reach the age of 61.Women on non-routine call will be prompted irrespective of age until they become ineligible for a cervical screening.

Smear Clinics are available Tuesday afternoons by Fiona Wallace (Practice Nurse) Friday afternoons by Elaine Neilson (Practice Nurse) & Tuesday mornings by Janice Dickson, (Practice Nurse).

Minor Surgery

Freezing of warts and injections (muscle, tendons and joints).The Minor Surgery Clinic is held on a Friday morning by Dr. Downey.

NHS Minor Ailments Service

Have you considered using the NHS Minor Ailments Service provided by most local pharmacies? They can provide advice and treatment for many problems such as acne, athlete’s food, backache, cold sores, constipation, cough, diarrhoea, earache, eczema and allergies, piles, hay fever, headache, head lice, indigestion, mouth ulcers, nasal congestion, pain, period pain, thrush sort throat, threadworms, wars and verrucas. If you were previously entitles to free prescriptions, any medication will be free of charge.


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